The HTC Wildfire is back but not produced by HTC.

After an eight year hiatus, the HTC Wildfire brand is making a comeback with the HTC Wildfire X, a new device for the Indian market. However, this probably isn’t the brand revival you’re expecting. For one, the handset isn’t beingRead More

Apple is expected to go toe-to-toe with Android devices as they release 5G supported phones.

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Though a slew of information on the three 2020 iPhone 11 models was only recently divulged, even more recent findings appear to have come to light. According to top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant’s three 2020 iPhone models will all reportedly utilize 5G technology,Read More

FaceApp is another platform that collects personal data from users?

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Everyone is talking about FaceApp – the app that can edit photos of people’s faces to show younger or older versions of themselves. Thousands of people are sharing the results of their own experiments with the app on social media.Read More

Facebook resolves and apologies for outages across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

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Facebook had problems loading images, videos, and other data across its apps yesterday, leaving some people unable to load photos in the Facebook News Feed, view stories on Instagram, or send messages in WhatsApp. Facebook said earlier yesterday it wasRead More

Samsung CEO admits to pushing Galaxy Fold launch ‘before it was ready

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Samsung co-CEO DJ Koh says he pushed the Galaxy Fold to market “before it was ready,” leading to the device’s delay just days before it was supposed to ship out to customers. “It was embarrassing,” Koh told a small group of reporters, accordingRead More

WhatsApp going through tests of a feature that will share your status to Facebook and other apps

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WhatsApp is testing the idea of letting its users share posts from their WhatsApp status with other apps. Starting today, users in WhatsApp’s beta program will start to see a new sharing option beneath their status, which can be usedRead More

South African president reverberates calls for data to fall

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CAPE TOWN – President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on the telecommunication industry to bring down the costs of data in South Africa, which will be in line with other countries in the world. Over the last few years, there haveRead More

Huawei phones won’t include pre-installed apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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New Huawei phones will not come pre-installed with Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp as the US ban continues to hinder the smartphone maker. Speaking to Reuters, Facebook said that customers who already have Huawei phones will still be able to use itsRead More

Whatsapp to take legal action against those who are engaged in automated or bulk messaging.

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WhatsApp will be clamping down on spam and will soon start blocking messages sent out by businesses. The company said that from 7 December 2019, it will also be taking legal action against those who are engaged automated or bulk messaging throughRead More

Get updated with the new features on the WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 1.5 billion users globally. The Facebook-owned company also works on multiple features for its Android and iOS apps, and business app as well. Recently, WhatsApp added couple of important features forRead More